Raves for Kimberly Asha Stokes

“I received coaching from Asha around issues in my long-term marriage (20 years at the time).  Asha doesn’t tiptoe around the elephants in the room.  I found her direct approach very helpful at getting to the core of our issues and working through them.  She has the focus and tenacity of a bulldog but the love can always be felt beneath it.  She gave us practical suggestions and helped us look very deeply at the patterns of our interaction.  It was great to have her there as a reality check and referee in both our individual and joint sessions.  It’s so much easier to make progress when there is someone there who is willing to call us on our bullshit.  I can report that my partner and I are still together and we are much more open and honest and better at communicating through the rough spots. -JH

“Asha is an exceptional life coach with practical sage advice and she is highly motivated to help YOU first and foremost. She has truly changed my life for the positive and helped break so many barriers that I can’t imagine I could have overcome without her.”
– Sevan T.

“One of the first things I remember Asha Stokes saying to me and my husband, at the time, was: You need to be able to feel as if you can leave anyone at any moment except your children! What she was pointing at was the importance of freedom from the usual co-dependencies that we easily find ourselves in intimate relationships. For me that was one of so many gems that have stuck with me 5 years later and continue to gain more meaning with time and experience.

“Couples coaching with Asha was incredibly powerful for me. She has an extraordinary ability to see the truth in what may be going on and deliver that truth with an enormous amount of love and non-judgement. In my experience, she always brings 120% of her presence to each session. For me, she was more impactful in one session than our previous marriage therapist had been in two years.

“My former husband and I decided to separate, and later divorce. However, with her help, we managed to continue to co-parent very well and have expanded our families to include new partner’s in each of our lives. People are always amazed at our ability to maintain this friendship but I think we owe it in great part to the work we did together with Asha!”