Asha holding branchKimberly Asha Stokes ran away from severe abuse at home at age 14, lived in a home for runaway girls and gained street smarts living on the streets of inner city Detroit. At age 20 in 1986, she found profound transformation with world-renowned inspirational coach Tony Robbins. She soon became a key contributor in the Robbins Research Institute team during his big leap from from serving hundreds to serving thousands. Building on that experience, Kimberly Asha has gone on to coach hundreds in creating the life of their dreams. Decades later in her highly praised private practice, her vibrant spirit and incisive coaching help people turn their lives around in miraculous ways.

Kimberly Asha is a Life Coach & Intimacy Guide

With her help, you will:

♥ Find your life’s purpose
♥ Clarify your goals in all aspects of your life
♥ Free yourself from unhealthy behaviors
♥ Heal from your emotional wounds
♥ Overcome your insecurities and fears
♥ Eliminate exhaustion, chronic pain, etc.

She works with singles, couples, and groups in the areas of personal relationships, intimacy, and sacred sexuality.

She is passionate about working with men and women to deepen their personal power, presence, and clarity. Her approach is direct, honest and caring.

Asha has nearly 30 years of experience working in the field of self-development starting with Tony Robbins in 1987.

She trained with Caroline Muir of Divine Feminine Institute and Charles Muir of Source School of Tantra Yoga.

Asha is certified in Deep Tissue body work and is a trainer in Quantum Touch.